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The idea for Love Child was born some sixteen years ago when Robert and Daniel were first working together on a delightful play, Five visits from Mr. Whitcomb, by Carter Bays at the Young Playwright’s festival off-Broadway.  There were a pair audience members who inspired us.  We got off stage and vowed that one day we would write a play for them since they seemed so keen on being part of the action.

And here we are!

LC was mostly written at Robert’s apartment and at a lovely booth at City Diner.  There have been many presentations and workshops on the way to New World Stages.  The Vineyard Theatre helped us do a presentation at the DR2, we did a couple at New World Stages, one at Playwright’s Horizons and a developmental workshop and presentation at New York Stage and Film at Vassar.  That workshop was directed by David Warren, whose guidance we are deeply grateful for.

After another presentation at Primary Stages, we landed an opportunity to share the stage with their production of Lee Blessing’s A Body of Water.  Our intrepid producer, Martin Hummel made it possible, and we are so thankful for the support of Primary Stages family. 

We then had a great run at the lovely stage 5 at New World Stages.  They were wonderful hosts and our production team was crackerjack.  Check out the Bios page for info on all the talented folks who took part!


“Are there puppets??”

“No!  Put the candy away!”

"A sophisticated story of betrayal, deceit and love.”


It’s opening night.  The cast is unruly, the crowd is restless, and the play is obscure, but Joel has a larger worry:  his mother is in the front row.  Real and theatrical worlds collide in this new comedy about the night a classic play spoke so loudly to its audience that they felt compelled to talk back!

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