It’s super-easy to do Love Child at your theatre!  

Just go to to access rights to the show.   A script will be sent to you right 

away.  Soon, the script will be available online, as well!

Love Child is an easily produceable comedy for two (or more!) versatile actors.

The only necessary set requirement is six sturdy chairs.   Lighting support has proven very

valuable, as well.  We have performed the play in a number of venues, from a flexible black box 

to a fully equipped Off-Broadway theatre - as well as on the set of another play!  The sound is

provided by the actors themselves, so the technical needs can be very minimal indeed.

There is also flexibility as far as casting goes.  It was written with two actors in mind, but the 

needs of your production may be different.  We encourage and support versions of Love Child 

that may differ from the original - including the producing of this multi-character piece with

more than two actors.

We had an incredibly fun time creating this piece - and would love to pass on that sense of 

creativity and fun to you!

“This is so simple, Kay could do it!”

“Tour-de-farce!”        --Time Out NY

“Half the fun is seeing if you can keep up!”                            

                                   --New York Times

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